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Vendetta Games' Wild West Loot Boxes Fly Off the Shelves on Immutable's zkEVM Platform

Vendetta Games, the Wild West RPG and metaverse game developer, has achieved a remarkable feat with the swift sell-out of their Series Two "Dubs & Duds" Loot Boxes on Immutable's zkEVM platform. Let's delve into the details of this successful launch and explore what lies ahead for Vendetta Games.

Vendetta Games' Wild West Loot Boxes Sell Out: Vendetta Games witnessed an overwhelming response to their recent NFT mint as 2,689 NFT collectibles were claimed within just 1 second of the opening on March 26. These Loot Boxes, part of their first-come, first-served Series Two, offer holders a range of benefits, including in-game assets, crafting materials, and $VDT tokens.

Source: Vendetta Games

The Success of $VDT Token and Future Plans: Following the listing of their native token, $VDT, on and its subsequent surge to 3x its launch price, Vendetta Games is experiencing a significant boost in momentum. Alexander McConnell, the co-founder and CEO, sheds light on the roadmap ahead, hinting at crafting-rich gameplay and exciting in-game assets usable in their flagship game, Chalk River.

Source: Vendetta Games

What's Next for Chalk River? While the exact launch date for Chalk River remains undisclosed, Vendetta Games has teased gameplay footage from the closed alpha experience, showcasing the immersive world awaiting players. With backing from partners like Immutable zkEVM and Polygon Studios, the project is poised for substantial progress in the coming quarters, offering eager gamers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of blockchain-based gaming.


How quickly did Vendetta Games' Wild West Loot Boxes sell out?

Vendetta Games' Series Two "Dubs & Duds" Loot Boxes sold out within 1 second of opening on Immutable's zkEVM platform, highlighting the high demand for their NFT collectibles.

2. What perks do Vendetta Games' Loot Boxes offer to holders?

3. What is the current status of Vendetta Games' native token, $VDT?

4.When can we expect the release of Vendetta Games' Chalk River game?

5. What partnerships support Vendetta Games' project development?


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