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Unlocking Opportunities: UXLINK Launches Limited Community Sale for Airdrop Voucher NFTs

Social Infrastructure UXLINK is making waves in the crypto community with its Season 1 airdrop campaign titled "IN UXLINK WE TRUST." Launched in early May, the campaign targets a community of over 550,000 contributors, with more than half of the campaign already fulfilled. Central to this initiative is the minting of an airdrop voucher, known as the UXLINK NFT, which guarantees recipients an airdrop of the native token $UXLINK, fully unlocked after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Empowering the Community: Introducing Limited Community Sale

Responding to community feedback, UXLINK has introduced a limited community sale of three distinct Airdrop Voucher NFTs: "MOON," "TRUST," and "FRENS." Available on the NFT Marketplace, each voucher holds a unique value in $UXLINK tokens—25,000, 750, and 50, respectively. Despite their differences, all vouchers offer the same benefits as the UXLINK NFTs, ensuring participants have equal access to the airdrop benefits.

Community Enthusiasm and Engagement

The announcement of the community sale has sparked enthusiasm among UXLINK's diverse global community. PLUM, a community member from South Korea, expressed the significance of the opportunity, particularly for users eager to participate in the PRE-TGE airdrop. Similarly, Hector from Turkey highlighted the warm reception of the sale within the Turkish user base, reflecting the project's growing popularity and appeal.

Building for the Future: Proceeds and Development

The limited community sale of UXLINK airdrop voucher NFTs is slated to last approximately two weeks or until stocks are depleted. Proceeds from the sale will be directed towards community construction and ecological development, further enhancing UXLINK's robust infrastructure and user experience.

About UXLINK: Leading the Way in Web3 Social Platforms

UXLINK stands as the largest web3 social platform and infrastructure, facilitating the discovery, distribution, and trading of crypto assets in innovative socialized and group-based manners. With over 5 million users, including 1 million daily active users, UXLINK has established itself as a key player in the crypto space, organizing user traffic and interactions through 100,000+ web3-powered groups.

For those interested in participating in the limited community sale or learning more about UXLINK, visit the UXLINK NFT sale website: UXLINK NFT Sale.

Stay Connected:

For further inquiries, contact UXLINK at UXLINK's limited community sale for Airdrop Voucher NFTs marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the web3 landscape. With enthusiastic participation from its global community, the project is fostering inclusivity and collaboration while driving innovation forward. As participants seize the opportunity to secure their Airdrop Voucher NFTs, they are not only gaining access to UXLINK's native token but also contributing to the project's growth and development.


What is the UXLINK NFT Limited Community Sale?

The UXLINK NFT Limited Community Sale offers participants the opportunity to purchase Airdrop Voucher NFTs, guaranteeing access to the $UXLINK airdrop benefits.

How long will the community sale last?

What are the benefits of participating in the community sale?

Where can I learn more about UXLINK and the community sale?

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