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Ubisoft's New Venture into NFTs with Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Ubisoft’s Continued Investment in NFTs

Ubisoft is doubling down on NFTs in gaming with their latest project, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. This move comes despite widespread skepticism and the perceived market failure of NFTs. The game is being developed in partnership with, marking a significant step in Ubisoft’s ongoing NFT initiative known as Quartz, which was established in 2021.

A Look Back: Ubisoft’s History with NFTs

In December 2021, Ubisoft introduced Quartz, an initiative aimed at integrating NFTs into their gaming ecosystem. By November 2023, they had partnered with Immutable, a prominent NFT-focused gaming company, to develop games centered around NFT ownership. With the addition of, known for their collaboration with Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Sega, Ubisoft is clearly committed to pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

What We Know So Far

Champions Tactics is an RPG that appears similar to other free-to-play card games available on mobile devices and PC. The gameplay trailer, however, does not provide specific details on how NFTs will be integrated into the game. It's speculated that the advertised "thousands of unique heroes" will correspond to NFTs, offering players unique digital assets within the game.

Blockchain Integration

Champions Tactics will utilize the HOME Verse blockchain, managed by and certified by Oasys. This blockchain is central to the game's NFT functionality and infrastructure.'s involvement suggests that Ubisoft is relying on their expertise and infrastructure for seamless blockchain integration, rather than solely depending on their Quartz initiative.

The Industry's Reaction

Mixed Reactions from Gamers and Developers

The gaming community has shown mixed reactions to Ubisoft’s continued investment in NFTs. Many gamers express skepticism about the value and impact of NFTs on the gaming experience, fearing that the focus on digital ownership might detract from gameplay quality. On the other hand, some industry experts see potential in the unique value propositions that NFTs can offer, such as true ownership of in-game assets and new revenue models for developers.

The Broader Context

Ubisoft’s move is part of a broader trend of integrating blockchain technology into gaming, despite the challenges and market volatility. While previous partnerships with companies like Square Enix and Bandai Namco have not yet seen significant success, Ubisoft's persistent efforts highlight their belief in the future of NFT gaming.

Future Prospects

What’s Next for Ubisoft and NFTs?

The future of Ubisoft's NFT ventures, including Champions Tactics, remains uncertain. If successful, this could mark a significant milestone in the adoption of NFTs in mainstream gaming. However, Ubisoft must navigate the technical and market challenges to prove the long-term viability of NFTs in enhancing the gaming experience.


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