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Ubisoft Expanding into NFTs: Watch Dogs Comes to Cross the Ages

Ubisoft, the renowned video game developer, is venturing further into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by collaborating with the Ethereum-based card game Cross the Ages. This collaboration will see the release of in-game cards inspired by the popular Watch Dogs series, adding a new dimension to the crypto gaming world.

Introduction to the Collaboration

Ubisoft's partnership with Cross the Ages brings the iconic characters and themes of the Watch Dogs franchise into the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. Scheduled for release on April 3, players can expect to acquire cards featuring elements from the acclaimed series, as confirmed by Ubisoft's official Discord server and social media channels.

Exploring the Watch Dogs Series

The Watch Dogs series, known for its immersive open-world gameplay and themes of surveillance and hacking, has captivated gamers since its inception. With three main titles released to date, including the latest installment, Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft's collaboration with Cross the Ages marks an exciting expansion into the crypto gaming space for the franchise.

Ubisoft's Investment in Cross the Ages

Ubisoft's involvement in Cross the Ages stems from its strategic investment in the game's development team. Backed by a $12 million investment round announced in March 2022, Ubisoft and other industry giants like Square Enix recognize the potential of blockchain gaming and NFTs in revolutionizing the gaming landscape.

Cross the Ages: A Card-Battling Game on Immutable X

Cross the Ages offers a unique gaming experience, combining traditional card-battling mechanics with the innovation of NFTs. Built on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling network, the game provides players with an opportunity to collect, trade, and battle with NFT trading cards. Despite its challenging learning curve, Cross the Ages has garnered attention for its strategic depth and immersive gameplay.

Ubisoft's Ongoing Ventures in the Crypto Space

Ubisoft's foray into NFTs and blockchain gaming extends beyond Cross the Ages. With the upcoming launch of its original blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, on the Oasys platform, Ubisoft demonstrates its commitment to embracing blockchain technology. Previous endeavors include the release of Ethereum profile picture (PFP) NFTs and collaborations with other blockchain projects.

Ubisoft's Evolving Presence in Crypto Gaming

As Ubisoft continues to explore the possibilities of NFTs and blockchain technology, its collaboration with Cross the Ages represents a significant step forward. By integrating beloved franchises like Watch Dogs into the world of blockchain gaming, Ubisoft reinforces its position as a pioneer in the convergence of gaming and decentralized technologies.


What is Cross the Ages?

Cross the Ages is an Ethereum-based card game featuring NFT trading cards, known for its strategic gameplay and integration of blockchain technology.

When will the Watch Dogs-inspired NFTs be available in Cross the Ages?

How does Ubisoft's collaboration with Cross the Ages fit into its broader strategy in the crypto gaming space?

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