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Paris Match Immortalizes its Iconic Photos as NFTs on Ethereum

Paris Match: Bridging History and Blockchain

Paris Match, renowned for 75 years of French photojournalism excellence, embarks on a historic journey into the crypto world. Celebrating its anniversary, the magazine auctions 75 iconic photos as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, accompanied by signed physical prints.

A Celebration of Photographic Heritage

In a landmark auction starting today, Paris Match invites enthusiasts and collectors to acquire digital slices of history preserved forever on Ethereum. From legendary images of the Rolling Stones and Orson Welles to historic moments like the fall of the Berlin Wall and scenes from Harlem, these NFTs offer a captivating journey through cultural milestones.

Strategic Partnerships for Success

Teaming up with Focus Bloc, a platform specializing in photo NFTs, and SuperRare, a prestigious NFT marketplace, Paris Match ensures a seamless blend of photographic expertise with blockchain innovation. The auction begins with bids starting at 0.3 ETH (approximately $1062), making these heritage treasures accessible to a broader audience.

Tradition Meets Modernity

Each NFT is not just a digital token; it is accompanied by a numbered and signed physical print, catering to traditional collectors who appreciate both the tangible and the virtual. This integration of physical prints with NFTs underscores Paris Match's commitment to adaptability and innovation in meeting diverse audience expectations.

Embracing Art and Technology

Emmanuel Daien, founder of Focus Bloc, notes the enthusiastic response from photo lovers and crypto enthusiasts alike during a previous NFT sale by Paris Match. This auction format with physical elements reinforces Paris Match's strategy to delight art lovers and technology enthusiasts alike, marking a pivotal moment in the convergence of photography and blockchain.

Honoring Heritage, Embracing Modernity

By immortalizing its iconic photos as NFTs on Ethereum, Paris Match not only celebrates its rich photographic legacy but also embraces the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Today's auction signifies a significant step forward in bridging the realms of art, history, and digital innovation.


What is Paris Match celebrating with its NFT auction?

Paris Match celebrates its 75th anniversary by auctioning 75 iconic photos as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What makes this auction significant?

Who are the partners involved in this NFT auction?

How can I participate in the Paris Match NFT auction?

Why is each NFT accompanied by a physical print?

What cultural and historical themes do the Paris Match NFTs cover?

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