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Mocaverse NFT Holders Get Priority Access to $MOCA Token Sale


Mocaverse, a virtual realm by Animoca Brands, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated $MOCA public token sale. This initiative aims to foster community engagement and build a thriving cultural economy within the Mocaverse universe. Exclusive token access is granted to Mocaverse NFT holders, Moca ID users, and key partners, highlighting the importance of unity in driving innovation and progress.

Priority Access for Community Members:

The $MOCA public sale prioritizes community members, offering them exclusive access to token acquisition. This gesture of appreciation underscores the commitment to rewarding those dedicated to the growth and advancement of Mocaverse. Participants can expect favorable vesting terms and immediate rewards through features like 'Realm Points' and 'Shard Rush', which promote engagement and expansion within the virtual realm.

$MOCA Community Public Sale Details:

The $MOCA public sale features 8,888,888,888 tokens, with a significant portion allocated for the community sale. Participants can acquire membership lots, each containing 2,539 $MOCA tokens, for $100. These membership lots offer advantageous vesting terms, with 5% of tokens unlocking at the Token Generation Event. To participate, users must activate Guaranteed Codes and Waitlist Codes into Guaranteed Lots and Waitlist Lots by April 11, 8 am (UTC).

Recognition of Ecosystem Contributors:

The initiative acknowledges the contributions of "whales" within the ecosystem by allocating resources for substantial capital commitments. This approach promotes a balanced and diverse participant base, ensuring inclusivity and sustainability within the Mocaverse community.

Embracing Collaboration and Innovation:

Guided by detailed guides and a supportive community, Mocaverse is poised to embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and collective success. The introduction of novel token distribution methods, such as the Crafting Machine feature, sets the stage for exciting developments and engagement opportunities within the Mocaverse universe.


Who has priority access to the $MOCA token sale?

Mocaverse NFT holders, Moca ID users, and key partners have exclusive access to the token sale.

What are the benefits of participating in the $MOCA token sale?

How can I participate in the $MOCA token sale?

What is the significance of the Crafting Machine feature?

What sets Mocaverse apart from other virtual ecosystems?

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