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Ledger Launches Clear Signing Initiative to Tackle Blind Signing Risks

In a bid to fortify the safety and transparency of digital transactions, Ledger, the renowned hardware wallet manufacturer, has unveiled its Clear Signing Initiative. This initiative is set to revolutionize how users approve digital transactions, addressing the risks associated with blind signing.

The Problem with Blind Signing

Blind signing involves approving transactions without fully comprehending their details, a practice that exposes users to significant risks. These risks include accidentally sending funds to the wrong address or unintentionally executing harmful smart contracts. As the digital asset space continues to grow, the need for clear and secure transaction approvals has become paramount.

Introducing Clear Signing

At the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris, Charles Guillemet, Chief Technology Officer at Ledger, introduced the Clear Signing Initiative. This new approach is designed to make transaction details transparent and easily understandable, thereby mitigating the risks associated with blind signing.

Key Principles of Clear Signing:
  1. Clear Transaction Intent:

  • Wallets will clearly display the type of approval being requested.

  • The decentralized application (dApp) making the request will be identified.

  1. Human-Readable Transaction Fields:

  • Transactions will be presented in a format that outlines the assets involved.

  • This ensures that users can easily comprehend the details before approving.

The initiative converts complex smart contract data into a human-readable format using a simple JSON schema. This ensures seamless integration with digital asset wallets and dApps, significantly reducing the risks associated with blind signing.

Source: Ledger

Implementation and Community Involvement

Ledger plans to release tools, libraries, and APIs for Clear Signing this summer. These resources will be available via their GitHub repository to encourage widespread adoption and collaboration within the digital asset community. Ledger invites the community to contribute to refining and establishing Clear Signing as a standard for secure and transparent digital transactions.

Ledger’s Clear Signing Initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the security and transparency of digital transactions. By addressing the risks associated with blind signing, Ledger is paving the way for safer and more reliable interactions within the digital asset space.


Q: What is blind signing in digital transactions?

A: Blind signing is the practice of approving transactions without fully understanding their details, which can expose users to potential fraud and unintended actions.

Q: What is the Clear Signing Initiative?

Q: How does Clear Signing work?

Q: When will the Clear Signing tools be available?

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