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Justin Bieber's "Company": From Chart-Topper to NFT Sensation

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Bieber's Melody Meets Blockchain :
In a groundbreaking move, Justin Bieber's 2015 chartbuster "Company" is not just a song you can hum to, but also a digital collectible you can own. Thanks to a strategic collaboration, this hit single has been transformed into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), setting a precedent in the music and blockchain intersection.

Anotherblock's New Beat: Bieber's NFT Launch

Blockchain-centric music platform anotherblock is at the forefront of this innovative venture. Come 7 September, fans and crypto enthusiasts alike will witness the release of "Company" as an NFT, marking a significant moment in the music industry's digital evolution.

Own a Piece of "Company": Limited NFTs Up for Grabs

For those eager to own a slice of this musical pie, anotherblock is releasing a limited edition of 2,000 NFTs. Priced at 0.017 Ethereum [ETH] each, these tokens represent 0.0005% ownership of the music streaming rights of the track. But that's not all. These NFTs come with a unique perk.

Royalties Meet NFTs: A Game-Changer for Owners

In a first-of-its-kind initiative on the platform, NFT owners won't just have bragging rights. They'll also pocket a 1% royalty share from the track's streams. While the song's co-producer, Andreas Schuller “Axident,” retains the rights to the song, this initiative offers a novel way for fans to connect with their favorite tracks.

"Company" in Retrospect: A Quick Dive into its Legacy

Originating from Bieber's fourth studio album, "Purpose," "Company" isn't just another song. Since its release in 2015, its music video has garnered a whopping 677 million views on YouTube. And while this is Bieber's maiden voyage into the NFT realm, anotherblock is no stranger to big names.

Anotherblock's Star-Studded Portfolio

Before Bieber, anotherblock had already made waves by collaborating with music industry titans for Web 3.0 projects. The platform boasts partnerships with luminaries like Rihanna, The Weeknd, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, and Offset. Yet, the "Company" NFT stands out, pioneering the concept of stream royalties for NFT owners.

A New Era for Music and NFTs

As the lines between music and digital collectibles blur, Justin Bieber's "Company" NFT exemplifies the limitless possibilities ahead. For fans, it's not just about listening anymore; it's about ownership, connection, and a share in the song's legacy.


1. What is the significance of Justin Bieber's "Company" becoming an NFT?

Justin Bieber's "Company" being transformed into an NFT represents a significant convergence of the music industry with blockchain technology. It allows fans to own a digital collectible of the song and even earn from its streaming rights.

2. Where and when can I purchase the "Company" NFT?

3. How many "Company" NFTs are available and at what price?

4. What benefits do I get from owning the "Company" NFT?

5. Is this the first time a song has been turned into an NFT on anotherblock?

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