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GoMining Unwrapped: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Mining with NFTs

The Evolution of Bitcoin Mining

Gone are the days when anyone could mine Bitcoin from their home PC. With the advent of larger mining entities and increasing competition, individual mining has become significantly more challenging. This shift was further exacerbated by the 2024 halving, which reduced the block reward to 3.125 BTC. Individual miners now face higher costs, particularly in terms of electricity, making it difficult to compete with industry giants.

Introducing GoMining: A Game Changer in BTC Mining

GoMining is a beacon of hope for smaller miners and crypto enthusiasts. Operating nine state-of-the-art data centers globally, GoMining has introduced a groundbreaking approach to Bitcoin mining with their Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate (LBH) protocol. This innovative method tokenizes mining power, making it tradable, shareable, and scalable, thus lowering the entry barriers for everyone.

What is GoMining?

With over seven years in the mining industry, GoMining has established itself as a major player, boasting a robust infrastructure with a total power capacity of 350 MW. Their primary product, digital miners, are NFTs backed by shares of real Bitcoin mining power, offering a simplified and efficient entry into BTC mining.

How BTC Mining with NFTs Works

GoMining key technical metrics. Source: GoMining
GoMining key technical metrics. Source: GoMining

Hashrate Tokenization

GoMining's unique approach allows users to own hashrate instead of physical mining equipment. This not only simplifies the entry process but also lowers the thresholds for investment and expertise. Users can start earning mining rewards with as little as 1 terahash, significantly less than any physical mining device.

Scalability and Efficiency

GoMining's digital miners offer unparalleled scalability. Users can instantly purchase additional computing power, with no upper limit, and enjoy an impressive average uptime of 99%, ensuring stable performance. Additionally, GoMining clients benefit from substantial electricity savings, paying only $0.05 per kWh, with further discounts available through the platform's native token, GOMINING.

Starting Your Mining Journey with NFTs

NFT Miner creation dashboard. Source: GoMining
NFT Miner creation dashboard. Source: GoMining

To begin mining with GoMining, users can purchase a digital miner on the platform or through external NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Getgems. Alternatively, they can generate their own digital miner, customizing its computing power and energy efficiency. Mining rewards start from day one, calculated based on the miner's attributes.

Upgrading Digital Miners

Users can enhance their digital miners to increase daily rewards and reduce electricity costs. GoMining's user-friendly interface makes these adjustments simple, allowing users to adapt to market conditions and maximize their mining potential.

Flexible and Convenient Mining Rewards

Mining rewards are deposited daily into a virtual Bitcoin wallet on the GoMining platform. These funds can be manually transferred to an external BTC wallet or automatically sent once a specified amount is reached. Additionally, holders can sell their digital miners or transfer them to external wallets and NFT marketplaces.

The GOMINING Token & VeTokenomics

GOMINING Burn & Mint process. Source: GoMining
GOMINING Burn & Mint process. Source: GoMining

GoMining's ecosystem includes the GOMINING token, used for internal payments, purchasing, and upgrading NFTs. The token can also be staked, offering attractive APRs and various lock periods. A deflationary model is built into the tokenomics, with weekly burn and mint cycles designed to gradually decrease the circulating supply and potentially increase the token's value.

Reputation and Trust

GoMining has earned a reputation for reliability and security, partnering with industry leaders like Binance Pool and Bitmain. With a robust security score from Certik and over 69,000 unique NFT holders, GoMining's platform is both secure and trusted.

GoMining stands out in the competitive Bitcoin mining industry by making mining accessible to smaller players and enthusiasts. Their innovative Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate approach, combined with user-friendly features and significant savings, makes GoMining an excellent choice for those looking to enter the world of BTC mining without the complexities and risks associated with traditional methods.


What is GoMining?

GoMining is a Bitcoin mining company that tokenizes hashrate, allowing users to mine BTC using digital miners, which are NFTs backed by real mining power.

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