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Goblintown Creators Launch 'Portals' to Enable Multi-Chain NFT Movement

Truth Arts, the innovative company behind the popular Goblintown and Illuminati NFT collections, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature called "Portals." This platform allows Ethereum NFT holders to bridge their assets across multiple blockchains, aiming to shape a multi-chain future for tokenized assets. Let's dive into how this new platform works and why it's a significant development for the NFT ecosystem.

Portals: Bridging NFTs Across Blockchains

A Vision for Multi-Chain Interoperability

Truth Arts has introduced Portals, a platform designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of NFTs between various Ethereum scaling networks. Effective immediately, Goblintown and Illuminati NFT holders can bridge their assets to Arbitrum, Base, Blast, Optimism, and Polygon, with the ability to move them back to Ethereum at any time. Solana support is also on the horizon through a partnership with LayerZero Labs.

According to Alex Taub, co-founder and CEO of Truth Arts, the future of NFTs lies in interoperability across chains. He compares this to the evolution of media formats—from VHS to DVD to streaming—highlighting the necessity for NFTs to adapt beyond single-chain constraints to ensure their longevity.

The Benefits of Portals

Portals is not just a temporary solution for moving NFTs to the latest trending chain. It offers a permanent and flexible mechanism that allows NFT holders to transfer their assets to any desired chain, optimizing for liquidity and enabling participation in airdrops, allocations, and project allowlists across multiple chains.

Initial Collaboration with Blast L2

To showcase the potential of Portals, Truth Arts has partnered with the Ethereum layer-2 network Blast, which has quickly gained popularity due to its user incentives. Blast will roll out its token airdrop on June 26, encouraging NFT holders to move over to its network and participate in various activities.

Taub explained, “To kick off Portals, we’re featuring and promoting holders to move over to Blast L2. Although Blast Gold farming is concluding soon, there are still opportunities to earn Blast Gold, win the final Blast Jackpots, and participate in upcoming activities for Season 2 on Blast.”

Future Plans and Collaborations

Truth Arts is planning to introduce more incentives and collaborations with additional chains, teams, and protocols. The goal is to encourage users to switch chains and reap the rewards, while also expanding the Portals platform to support NFTs from other projects, not just those from Truth Arts.

With the launch of Portals, Truth Arts is paving the way for a multi-chain future in the NFT ecosystem. By enabling seamless NFT transfers across various blockchains, Portals offers flexibility and new opportunities for NFT holders. This innovation mirrors the adaptability seen in other media industries and sets a new standard for the longevity and utility of digital assets.


1. What is the Portals platform?

Portals is a new feature by Truth Arts that allows Ethereum NFT holders to transfer their assets across various Ethereum scaling networks and back to Ethereum, enabling multi-chain interoperability.

2. Which blockchains are supported by Portals?

3. What are the benefits of using Portals?

4. What is the initial collaboration with Blast L2 about?

5. What are Truth Arts' future plans for Portals?

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