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The Milan Fashion Week Extravaganza: Diesel's Metamorph NFT Drop

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Diesel's Metamorph NFT Drop
Diesel's Metamorph NFT
Diesel's Milan Fashion Week takes a high-tech twist as the fashion giant unveils its Metamorph NFT drop. This groundbreaking collaboration with Public Pressure opens the door to Milan's exclusive runway and more, redefining the fashion experience and merging the worlds of couture and blockchain. Join us as we delve into this innovative intersection of fashion and NFTs, where digital collectibles grant access to a world of style and technology.

Unlocking Milan Fashion Week with Diesel's Metamorph NFTs

Diesel, the iconic Italian fashion brand, is once again making headlines by merging the world of fashion with the blockchain. Their latest collaboration with Web3 culture and music platform Public Pressure introduces "Metamorph," a limited edition collection of 300 digital collectibles minted across the Polkadot and Polygon networks. These NFTs open doors to exclusive perks, including coveted access to Diesel's upcoming Milan Fashion Week show.

A Fashionable NFT Revolution

Under the creative direction of Glenn Martens, Diesel is embracing the Web3 revolution, and Metamorph is a testament to their commitment to push the boundaries of fashion and technology. The NFT collection, priced at $60 each, offers a wealth of benefits, with access to Diesel's Spring 2024 runway show taking center stage. Holders of these NFTs will have the opportunity to mingle with fashion's elite, including buyers, editors, and influencers.

Exclusive Watches and Soundscapes

In addition to runway access, Metamorph NFT holders will be granted allowlist access to purchase one of 300 limited edition Metamorph watches, specially designed by Glenn Martens. These physical timepieces will incorporate a digital element, further blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms.

But that's not all. The Diesel NFTs also come bundled with an exclusive soundtrack composed by Senjan Jansen, the brand's fashion show sound architect. Furthermore, NFT holders can enjoy access to music events organized by Public Pressure and a virtual experience crafted by media-tech artists Artificial Rome, set to begin on November 2.

Public Pressure: Reshaping the Music Industry

Public Pressure, the NFT music marketplace behind this collaboration, is on a mission to revolutionize the music industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, they aim to provide artists with a fairer revenue share compared to traditional streaming platforms.

Diesel's Web3 Journey

Metamorph marks Diesel's continued exploration of the Web3 landscape, which began in spring 2022 with the launch of their NFT platform, D:VERSE. This journey has seen Diesel partner with streetwear collective HAPE for earlier NFT collections, each accompanied by limited edition physical items.

Diesel's dedication to blending fashion and technology is encapsulated in this innovative collaboration with Public Pressure. As Stefano Rosso, a board member of Diesel's parent company OTB Group, states, this partnership enables Diesel to "push the boundaries of the ways that fashion brands interact with their communities."

This initiative is not just about fashion; it's about rewriting the rules of engagement in the digital age. And with Metamorph NFTs, Diesel is leading the way.

What exactly are Metamorph NFTs, and how do they work?

Metamorph NFTs are digital collectibles minted on the Polkadot and Polygon networks. They grant exclusive access to Diesel's Milan Fashion Week show and offer additional perks like limited edition watches and exclusive soundtracks. They operate on blockchain technology, making them unique and tradable.

How can I purchase Metamorph NFTs?

What is the cost of a Metamorph NFT?

What is Diesel's goal with these NFTs and collaborations?

Is this Diesel's first venture into the world of NFTs and Web3?


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