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Cristiano Ronaldo Announces 4th NFT Collection Launch on Binance

The legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo made waves in the crypto world with his announcement on May 29 about the launch of his fourth NFT collection on Binance. This new collection promises to take fans on a journey through some of the most memorable moments of Ronaldo’s illustrious career, leveraging the growing demand for unique digital assets.

Exciting Announcements

Cristiano Ronaldo took to his social media handle on X (formerly Twitter) on May 24 to share the exciting news with his fans. He tweeted, “Are you ready to relive our journey together? My 4th NFT Collection on Binance is launching soon!” This announcement set the stage for what is anticipated to be another groundbreaking release in the world of sports and digital collectibles.

Binance also joined in on the excitement, teasing the crypto community with a post that read, “Curious about Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection?” This collaboration between the football superstar and the leading crypto exchange has once again captured the attention of both fans and investors alike.

A Journey Through Time

Ronaldo’s foray into the NFT space began in November 2022 with the launch of his first collection on Binance. This initial release marked the beginning of a multi-year partnership between Ronaldo and Binance, showcasing iconic moments from his career. The rarest items from this collection fetched prices close to $10,000, highlighting the significant value and demand for Ronaldo’s digital collectibles.

Legal Challenges and Resilience

The journey has not been without its challenges. In December 2023, Ronaldo and Binance faced a class-action $1 billion lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that Ronaldo’s promotion of NFTs led to substantial financial losses for customers. Concurrently, Binance dealt with a $4 billion dispute with US regulators, resulting in CEO Changpeng Zhao stepping down.

Despite these legal hurdles, Ronaldo and Binance have maintained their partnership. While both parties have refrained from commenting on the lawsuit, Ronaldo has hinted at new projects with Binance, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the next big release.

Key Takeaways

  • Launch Date: The new NFT collection is set to launch on May 29 on Binance.

  • Collection Highlights: The NFTs will feature significant moments from Ronaldo’s career, offering fans a unique way to relive his journey.

  • Ongoing Partnership: Ronaldo’s collaboration with Binance began in November 2022 and continues despite past legal issues.

  • Legal and Regulatory Challenges: Both Ronaldo and Binance have faced legal challenges, including a $1 billion lawsuit and a $4 billion settlement with US regulators.

A New Era of Sports and Digital Art

Ronaldo’s latest NFT collection represents another significant milestone at the intersection of sports and digital art. As the world of NFTs continues to evolve, this new release not only showcases the enduring appeal of Ronaldo’s career but also highlights the resilience and innovation within the digital asset space.


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The new NFT collection by Cristiano Ronaldo will feature significant moments from his illustrious football career, providing fans with unique digital collectibles.

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