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CoinDesk's Microcosms NFT: Unlocking a Three-Year Consensus Experience

CoinDesk, a trailblazer in the crypto space, is set to redefine the NFT landscape with the revival of "Microcosms," an exclusive NFT collection designed to offer a distinctive Consensus experience. As the minting process goes live, enthusiasts have the chance to secure their spot in the next three editions of Consensus, along with a myriad of additional perks.

Minting Details and Timeline:

The minting for Microcosms commenced on Wednesday, Jan. 31, at 1 p.m. ET and will run until Thursday, March 14, at 1 p.m. ET or until the 1,000-piece collection is sold out. Priced at 1 ETH, these NFTs hold the key to an unparalleled Consensus journey.

What are Microcosms?

Microcosms stand as NFTs intricately tied to 1,000 unique digital artworks crafted by the skilled generative artist and engineer Fahad Karim. Beyond their artistic value, each Microcosm holder is entitled to a companion Pro Pass to Consensus for the next three years, a value totaling at least $3,600. These passes, represented as on-chain assets, can be utilized, gifted, or traded, adding a layer of flexibility for the holders.

Reward System and Opportunities:

The Microcosms reward system extends beyond Consensus passes. Holders have the opportunity to receive an array of rewards, with the system resetting annually until 2026. Managed by the Art Blocks Engine and in collaboration with Passage Protocol for back-end reward systems, Tokenproof oversees the redemption and token-gated elements of the project.

What Does the Reward System Include?

Hold the Microcosms NFT in your wallet on March 18, and you become eligible for a diverse set of rewards, including:

  • One 15-minute stage session

  • Two media buys worth $10,000 each on

  • Three 2024 Piranha passes

  • Six gift cards to local Austin hot spots

  • 50 bonus tickets to Consensus 2024

  • 100 pieces of exclusive merch

NFT Ticketing and Loyalty Programs:

Microcosms introduces NFT ticketing, a novel approach that aligns loyalty programs with blockchain technology. This innovative strategy not only provides holders with collectibles but also allows brands to identify and reward their most loyal customer base in the future.

CoinDesk's Microcosms NFT collection transcends the conventional, offering a blend of digital art, exclusive Consensus access, and a dynamic reward system. As the crypto community embraces this pioneering venture, the three-year journey unfolds, promising a convergence of art, technology, and loyalty.


How long is the minting window for Microcosms?

Minting is open from January 31 to March 14, or until the 1,000-piece collection is sold out.

What benefits do Microcosm holders receive besides Consensus passes?

Who is the artist behind the Microcosms digital artworks?

How are the rewards managed, and when do they reset?

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