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Coin98 Super Wallet Partners with Mint Blockchain to Empower Global NFT Users

Coin98 Super Wallet has announced a strategic integration with Mint Blockchain, a Layer 2 solution specifically designed for the burgeoning NFT market. This alliance aims to significantly enhance the utility and accessibility of NFTs within the Coin98 ecosystem, providing a robust platform for both artists and collectors.

Mint Blockchain: Pioneering NFT Innovations

Mint Blockchain stands out by focusing exclusively on NFT innovations and their broader application use cases. Developed on the OP Stack, this Layer 2 network is designed to push the boundaries of NFT technology, promoting its application across various sectors including gaming, digital arts, sports, and real-world asset tokenization. By streamlining the NFT issuance process and enhancing asset utility, Mint Blockchain seeks to transform how digital assets are perceived and utilized globally.

Empowering Creators and Users in Web3

With this integration, Coin98 Super Wallet brings significant optimizations to the digital wallet space. The partnership aims to provide Coin98 users with additional tools for NFT creation, management, and trading – aligning with the expectations of the new breed of Web3 users. This unified platform is expansive, easy-to-use, and secure.

Developers will benefit from Coin98 Wallet SDK’s intuitive mobile blockchain functionality, allowing them to explore unique features of the Mint Blockchain. Groundbreaking NFT marketplaces like MintSwap and AlienSwap will be easily accessible through the Coin98 Super Wallet, providing users with seamless access to these platforms and enhancing their overall user experience.

A Strategic Alliance with Far-Reaching Implications

The partnership between Coin98 and Mint Blockchain represents more than just a technical enhancement; it is a deepened strategic move that highlights both sides’ commitment to creating value for the digital ecosystem. This collaboration opens up unparalleled possibilities in the NFT sector, bringing new opportunities with the addition of Mint Blockchain’s native token $MINT and a developer-friendly revenue-sharing model.

This is particularly significant for creators and developers who aim to use blockchain technology to reimagine art history and the future of digital property ownership. By providing easy access to advanced NFT tools and marketplaces, the partnership seeks to foster innovation and growth in the NFT space.

The integration of Mint Blockchain with Coin98 Super Wallet is set to empower global NFT users by enhancing the utility, accessibility, and overall experience of digital assets. This strategic alliance promises to bring new opportunities and innovations to the NFT market, benefiting artists, collectors, developers, and the broader digital ecosystem.


1. What is the significance of Coin98 Super Wallet's integration with Mint Blockchain?

The integration enhances the utility and accessibility of NFTs within the Coin98 ecosystem, providing a robust platform for artists and collectors.

2. What makes Mint Blockchain unique?

3. How will this partnership benefit Coin98 users?

4. What are some features developers can explore with this integration?

5. What opportunities does this partnership create for the NFT sector?

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