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Can Avalanche (AVAX) Recover in Q3 After a Tough Q2?

Avalanche’s Q2 Performance: A Detailed Overview

Avalanche (AVAX) faced a challenging Q2 in 2024, with significant declines in various sectors of its network activity and market performance. As we delve into the specifics, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of AVAX’s recent performance and what it might mean for Q3.

AVAX’s Network Activity and Revenue in Q2

According to Coin98 Analytics, Avalanche’s fees and revenue for Q2 totaled $3.5 million. While this figure might seem promising, it actually represents a 22% decrease compared to Q2 2023. The network executed over 101 million transactions and maintained over 43,000 daily active addresses. However, these numbers reflect a 26% year-on-year drop in active addresses and a 30% YoY decline in daily transactions.

Decline in NFT Ecosystem

One of the most striking aspects of Avalanche’s Q2 performance was the sharp decline in its NFT ecosystem. The creation of NFTs plummeted by a staggering 90%, with just over 520,000 NFTs created during the quarter. This is a significant drop from the figures reported in Q2 2023, indicating a severe contraction in this segment.

Bright Spots in DeFi

Despite the overall downturn, Avalanche's DeFi space showed some resilience. The total value in DeFi touched $0.71 billion, marking a 4% year-on-year increase. This suggests a steady, albeit slow, growth in DeFi activities on the Avalanche network.

Development Activity Remains Stable

Another positive note is that Avalanche’s development activity remained relatively stable throughout Q2. This indicates ongoing efforts to improve and expand the network, which could bode well for future performance.

The Start of Q3: A Similar Downward Trend?

Early Indicators

As Q3 begins, early indicators suggest that the declining trend observed in Q2 may continue. According to Artemis’ data, Avalanche’s Daily Active Addresses experienced a sharp drop following a spike on July 6th. Similarly, daily transactions and fees have also seen a downward trajectory in the early days of Q3.

Development and NFT Trade Counts

Santiment’s data analysis reveals a decline in development activity over the past few days. Additionally, total NFT trade counts have decreased following a significant spike on July 3rd, further indicating ongoing challenges in this sector.

Price Action

The price action of AVAX has also been bearish recently. Over the last seven days, AVAX’s price dropped by more than 13%, currently trading at $25.70 with a market capitalization of over $10.12 billion. If this downturn continues, AVAX could potentially drop to $22.4. Conversely, if market conditions improve, AVAX might reclaim $27 in a short span.

What Lies Ahead for AVAX in Q3?

The outlook for Avalanche in Q3 remains uncertain. The declining trends observed in Q2 have carried over into the early days of Q3, suggesting that the network might face continued challenges. However, the stable development activity and slight growth in the DeFi space provide some hope for a potential recovery.

Investors and stakeholders will need to keep a close watch on AVAX’s performance in the coming weeks. A reversal of the current trends could lead to a recovery in AVAX’s price and market performance. On the other hand, persistent declines might require a reassessment of strategies and expectations for the rest of the year.


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Avalanche’s fees and revenue for Q2 2024 totaled $3.5 million, which is a 22% decrease compared to Q2 2023.

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