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Bitcoin NFTs Achieve Top 3 All-Time Sales Record, Ronin Launches zkEVM for Gaming: Nifty Newsletter

Bitcoin NFTs Surge to Top 3 in All-Time Sales

In a significant milestone, Bitcoin-based NFTs have now surpassed Ronin in all-time sales volume, reaching over $4.27 billion. This achievement places Bitcoin NFTs in third place, right behind Solana and Ethereum. Over the past 30 days, Bitcoin NFTs generated an impressive $148 million in sales, closely trailing Ethereum's $157 million and well ahead of Solana's $77 million.

Despite the overall decline in NFT sales across major blockchains, with a drop of at least 40% in the last 30 days, Bitcoin NFTs continue to show resilience and growing popularity. This success reflects the expanding interest and investment in Bitcoin as a platform for digital collectibles.

Ronin's zkEVM to Scale Web3 Gaming

The gaming-focused blockchain, Ronin, is set to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape with the launch of Ronin zkEVM, a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) blockchain. Originally developed for the popular game Axie Infinity, Ronin has grown to support a broader gaming ecosystem, boasting 1.4 million daily active addresses.

Sky Mavis co-founder Jeff Zirlin highlighted that Ronin is gearing up for a future where it may need to handle up to four billion daily transactions. The zkEVM chain will enhance scalability, improve cross-chain experiences, and provide staking rewards, positioning Ronin as a leading blockchain for gaming.

Tokenizing Music Catalogs: A New Frontier in Web3

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Sergio Mottola, CEO of Music Protocol and the Web3 Music Association, discussed the transformative potential of tokenizing music intellectual property (IP) for the metaverse. Mottola believes that integrating music into virtual environments is currently hindered by complex negotiations with the traditional music industry.

Tokenizing music catalogs could simplify this process, enabling users to organize virtual concerts and enjoy music seamlessly within metaverses. This innovation promises to break down existing barriers and open new opportunities for both artists and audiences in the digital space.


1. What is the significance of Bitcoin NFTs achieving a top 3 all-time sales record?

Bitcoin NFTs surpassing Ronin in all-time sales volume, with over $4.27 billion, highlights the growing popularity and investment in Bitcoin as a platform for digital collectibles, placing it behind only Solana and Ethereum.

2. What is Ronin's zkEVM and how will it impact Web3 gaming?

3. How can tokenizing music catalogs benefit the metaverse?

4. How has the NFT market performed recently?

The NFT space continues to evolve, with Bitcoin NFTs achieving remarkable sales records and Ronin introducing groundbreaking technology for Web3 gaming. At the same time, the potential for tokenizing music catalogs promises to reshape the digital music industry. Stay tuned for more updates as these innovations unfold.


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