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Animoca Brands Japan Introduces New NFT Launchpad ‘SORAH’

Animoca Brands Japan has exciting news for the NFT and Web3 community with the announcement of its new NFT launchpad, SORAH. Scheduled to launch in the summer of 2024, SORAH aims to revolutionize the NFT landscape by supporting creators and connecting Japanese intellectual property (IP) with the global audience.

The Sky’s the Limit: Introducing SORAH

Named after the Japanese word for sky, SORA (空), SORAH embodies the vision of bridging Japan and the international Web3 community. Kensuke Amo, COO of Animoca Brands Japan, explains, “SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan is inspired by our goal to seamlessly connect Japan and the global community in the Web3 domain, just as the sky connects the world as one.”

Connecting Japan’s Rich IP with the World

Animoca Brands Japan has a rich history of fostering the development of Japanese IP and content within the Web3 domain. SORAH will further this mission by acting as a gateway for Japanese IPs, including manga and anime, to reach international markets. The platform aims to enhance the global presence of these properties, ensuring that Japan’s cultural assets can be enjoyed and appreciated by a wider audience.

Innovative Sales Methods and Programs

SORAH will offer various sales methods such as lotteries and first-come, first-served formats. This flexibility aims to provide fair and engaging opportunities for collectors and fans to acquire NFTs. Additionally, SORAH will feature loyalty programs, details of which will be announced at a later date.

Supporting Multiple Blockchains and Payment Options

The launchpad will support major blockchain networks including Ethereum and Polygon. Payment options will be diverse, allowing transactions through both credit cards and cryptocurrencies. This inclusive approach ensures that SORAH can cater to a wide range of users, from seasoned crypto enthusiasts to newcomers.

User-Friendly and Secure

To ensure a seamless user experience, SORAH will be compatible with popular digital wallets such as Metamask and WalletConnect. The platform will utilize the ERC-721 token standard, a trusted and widely-used standard for NFTs, guaranteeing security and reliability.


What is SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan?

SORAH is a new NFT launchpad by Animoca Brands Japan, set to launch in summer 2024, designed to support NFT projects and connect Japanese IP with the global community.

What does SORAH mean?

What blockchain networks will SORAH support?

What payment options will be available on SORAH?

What types of NFTs will SORAH feature?

SORAH aims to enhance the global presence of Japanese IP, including manga and anime, offering NFTs related to these cultural assets.

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